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Quick jog to meet papa in Bustillos and attended the 6am mass . Good morning! ♡

Quick jog to meet papa in Bustillos and attended the 6am mass . Good morning! ♡

When life’s hitting you a ball.. hit back! ^^

When life’s hitting you a ball.. hit back! ^^

High *fave! Hahahaha ♡

High *fave! Hahahaha ♡

Where to find this guy? We need more guys like him! ♥

Where to find this guy? We need more guys like him! ♥

RandomThoughts xx

Do not believe in everything you read or seen on tv or heard over the radio. Coz sometimes people give us what we expect. . just to please us.

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.”- Richard Bach – Yeah?.. well fuck that shit and fuck Richard Bach. Do you honestly think, I have the time to meet someone, click, grow an attachment, fall in love, deeply in love, I’m not talking your average crush, I’m talking, going back to the days where we used to write love letters from long distances type of love, the “making a cup of tea and blowing it until its warm enough for them to drink” type of love… to have a soul connection, miss them, crave them, submit to them, etc.. just to let them go in the future. Wdf. Listen, if it’s gotton deep enough for me to fall into that type of love, I’m not letting you go. Fuck, I hate this generation of replacers. If something goes wrong, instead of fixing it, we replace, or let it go or some other dumb shit. No. Richard Bach, who is divorced, I will not take advice from you. As long as it isn’t toxic and unhealthy, I am not letting go."

- TGV (via kushandwizdom)

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I agree! “Relationship should be fixed not throw away” I heard from anonymous hahaha


My mother tells me
that when I meet someone I like,
I have to ask them three questions:

1. what are you afraid of?
2. do you like dogs?
3. what do you do when it rains?

of those three, she says the first one is the most important.
“They gotta be scared of something, baby. Everybody is. If they aren’t afraid of anything, then they don’t believe in anything, either.”

I met you on a Sunday, right
after church.
one look and my heart fell into
my stomach like a trap door.

on our second date,
I asked you what you were afraid of.
“spiders, mostly. being alone. little children, like, the ones who just learned how to push a kid over on the playground. oh and space. holy shit, space.”
I asked you if you liked dogs.
“I have three.”
I asked you what you do when it rains.
“sleep, mostly. sometimes I sit at the window and watch the rain droplets race. I make a shelter out of plastic in my backyard for all the stray animals; leave them food and a place to sleep.”

he smiled like he knew.
like his mom told him the same
“how about you?”

I’m scared of everything.
of the hole in the o-zone layer,
of the lady next door who never
smiles at her dog,
and especially of all the secrets
the government must be breaking
it’s back trying to keep from us.
I love dogs so much, you have no idea.
I sleep when it rains.
I want to tell everyone I love them.
I want to find every stray animal and bring them home.
I want to wake up in your hair
and make you shitty coffee
and kiss your neck
and draw silly stick figures of us.
I never want to ask anyone else
these questions
ever again.


three questions | Caitlyn Siehl (via alonesomes)

Jill brings so much poetry into my life.

(via just-a-stone)



Lequescent months x Tough times x Despondency x Fml

"I WAS THERE" My not so lucky xp.  Thanks anyway I still call it a "boon" . #MSB

"I WAS THERE" My not so lucky xp. Thanks anyway I still call it a "boon" . #MSB

OCfied! Am I loving pink? Hmm..

OCfied! Am I loving pink? Hmm..

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